During Calculus class back in '89-'90, I was struggling to understand the various functions we were working with, so created a program in line number basic that enabled me to plot the functions visually. At first the program could create only 2D cartesian plots, but before the end of the year I had added basic 3D plotting ability also; although the plots were very slow.I took up my graphing application again in '95 and redeveloped it as a C++ Windows program. I added polar, cylindrical, spherical and time dependent plots, while greatly improving their performance and accuracy. I also created a screen saver that would allow people to use plots they had created in AepGraph as their screen saverIn '98, I published the application to the Internet, attempting to sell it, however, this didn't go very well.AepGraph is a fairly odd program. Very quickly, the focus of the program for me was about the visualization and aesthetics of the plots as opposed to utility. I have never added the ability to plot axies or label units or other such analytical features. The purpose of the application was to give a user an intuitive feel or understanding of a function. I would spend hours using the program to explore functions and sculpt images.There are two ways that I use the program to sculpt images. The first way was to imagine some shape and then think about what the function would be to create that shape. This is quite a good exercising in getting oneself comfortable with working with functions. The other way, is to randomly type functions into AepGraph and see what pops up and then adjust it from there.

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