Oovium (iPad, iPhone)

"I'm sure that Oovium is the sort of thing Steve Jobs had in mind when he spoke of a computer as "a bicycle for the mind". This is a novel concept and potentially a highly useful cognitive tool. As soon as I saw it I had to add it to my toolbox on the iPad. I'm sure it will be useful for all kinds of problems. Hats off to the developer for thinking different."

- Latinhypercube

Aexels (iPad)

A new universe has been discovered...

Universe X

Come along as we explore this new universe and discover the similarities and differences it has with our own.

Oovium (Mac)

The Oovium you've come to know and love on iPad and iPhone has now come to Mac!

AepCalc (Mac)

A reverse polish notation calculator for Mac designed to work with other apps.

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