What's New

What's New 1.1.4
- IfBub : A visual conditional that can be used instead of the in-bubble 'if' function. Aside from its visual representation, it also has the advantage of only evalutating the appropriate resultant. This makes the IfBub very useful in creating recursive functions without needing to use the Function data type.

- TailBub : A new type of a MechBub specifically designed for creating recursive functions, greatly simplifing the ability to create loops. The TailBub's visual structure guides the user in creating a tail call optimized recursion which has performance advantages over MechBub recursion, but more importantly eliminates the 500 loop limit of the MechBub. (The TailBub will process for up to 1 second, which allow for signficantly more iterations)

- CronBub : Allows for the creation of a timer that increments its value periodically based on input parameters. The utility of the CronBub, is perhaps a bit limited at this point, but it will become an essential tool for modeling and animating with the arrival of the 2nd aspect of Oovium.

- TypeBub : Allows for the mapping of entities and relationships. Currently, the TypeBub is not integrated with the other bubble types of Oovium and is a faint shadow of it's ultimate functionality. However, it has been slipped into this version both as a preview of future attractions and because even in it's current form, it can be useful in creating some simple diagrams.

- [!,&,|] - the 'not' !, 'and' & and 'or' | operators have been added to the Lexicon

- The resolution of exported images has been increased to match the retina display. There are still plans to create a vector output, but that hasn't been done yet.

- In conjunction with the conversion of Oovium to OS X, once again massive under-the-cover refactoring has occurred with this version, including the conversion to the ARC memory model, a revamp of the Hover mechanism, some tweaks to the Math engine and major restructing of the Bubble system to allow for easier creation of new Bubbles, although more work is still needed with that.

What's New 1.1.3

- Tapping a header will move the focus to it.

- Retapping the current header will close it.

- Double tapping a header will allow for the header name to be edited.

- Columns are now deleted via the column editor.

- Columns can be reordered by anchor-dragging the headers. (It's no longer necessary to be in 'exposed' mode)

- A new row number column has been added to the left side of the GridBub called the 'lefter'.

- Rows can be reordered by anchor-dragging the row by its lefter.

- Rows can be selected from its lefter and deleted, from the new row editor.

- The top left tab of the GridBub, no longer does anything in the current version. However, I will be adding functionality back to it soon, so I am leaving it there visually.

- The new 'equal tab' has been added to the bottom right of the GridBub. The equal tab will determine the behavior of the equal key. In the right position, the cell cursor will move to the right; in the down position, the cell cursor will move downward; in the diagonal position, the cell will simply close as normal.

- The GridBub has been entirely rewritten from the ground up in order to significantly improve it's performance

The String data type has finally been added to Oovium. Any text embedded between quotes will be converted into a String. These Strings, of course, can now be typed into the cells of a GridBub. The addition operator will also work between Strings and between Strings and Numbers.

A function Lexicon has been added. The lexicon can be accessed via the 'mis' tab of the expression editor. Subsets of functions can be displayed by using the function filter in the upper right of the hover. Tap a function to get a description and a list of the input and output datatypes. Double tap the function to insert it into your current expression.

- The power operator (^) and sqrt function have been changed. The versions that take Real inputs will now only return Real outputs. Inputs that would have previously returned Complex values will now simply return NaN. The Complex versions will work as before. To force the use of the Complex version on a Real value, the Real value must be converted to Complex using the Complex constructor (or by adding 0i).

- [sec,csc,cot] - the secant, cosecant and cotangent functions have been added to the Lexicon.

- [≠,≤,≥] - the not equal, the lesser than or equal and the greater than or equal operators have been added to the 'mis' tab.

- [random] - the random function has been added to the Lexicon. The function will return a random number from 0 to n-1.

The recursion limit on Mechs has been increased from 99 to 500 before generating a stack overflow error.

Rudimentary support for the external keyboard has been added. Please go to the forum for more discussion on this topic.

A number of major refactorings have occurred with this version. Numerous bugs have been fixed (hopefully not too many new ones have been introduced). Also, a slightly improved exception reporting system has been implemented which will hopefully facilitate the removal of any remaining bugs.

Oovium is going to experiment with a new update strategy. In the hopes of increasing the rate of development, I am planning to submit more frequent, but smaller versions of Oovium going forward. I hope to have at least one major functional addition as well as a few minor ones and of course bug fixes with each version.

With this new update strategy it will be prohibitively expensive to retranslate Oovium with each version. So, I'm going to rely on computerized translation in the interim and then resubmit the translations to the translators at the end.

The new String data type does not allow for Japanese text entry at this time. I'm working on a handful of solutions for this and will try to get them to you guys as soon as possible.

What's New
Added localizations for Japanese and German. (more to come)

Fixed numerous crashing bugs, including a rash of them involving Grids; as well as miscellaneous other bugs.

A number of videos have been created illustrating the finer points of Oovium. Check them out at oovium.com!

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What's New 1.1.2
A Text Bubble tool has been added to the tool bar. It will allow you to place text into a bubble of the color and shape of your choosing. These bubbles can be linked to one another, creating directed graphs (digraphs). Check out the 'mapper' tutorial to learn how to use this new tool.

A skinning mechanism has been added which will allow users to pick between the old 'Tron' skin or the new 'Ivory' skin. Go to the settings area to switch your skin.

Aether / Album (from the Menu) will store an image of the current aether in the 'Photos' section of your device.

- Double tapping on an instance bubble will open its label editor.
- Double tapping on the aether to create a new bubble while editing an existing bubble will send an implied equals to the existing bubble.

The creation of recursive Mechs has been fixed and bullet proofed. Tentatively, recursive Mechs will be able to go 100 levels deep. This limit will probably be raised as things stabilize. If you are interested in exploring this, the construction, if(x>1,[...],[...]) will be very useful.

A new option has been added to the aggregate menu for GridBub columns. The Running aggregate will calculate the running total for a column; useful for calculating running balances or amortization schedules.

Numbers will now be displayed using scientific notation when appropriate.

- There has been a fairly significant revamping of much of the graphics.
- The calculation algorithm has been refactored (again) greatly improving stability.
- Various other improvements and bug fixes have been achieved!

What's New 1.1.1
CURSOR - Finally, Oovium has a cursor! Anchor+tap while editing an expression will move the cursor to the location of the tap.

DROPBOX - Dropbox integration has been added to Oovium. Connect Oovium to your dropbox account in order to upload and download Aethers to your dropbox.

For the device hover: swipe right: uploads the aether to dropbox, swipe left: deletes it and double tap opens it.
For the dropbox hover: swipe left: downloads the aether and swipe right: deletes it.

Tap off the hovers to cancel.

STABILITY AND PERFORMANCE - Numerous bug fixes and performance enhancements have been achieved. Found other bugs? Don't keep them a secret! Post on the forums.

What's New 1.1
1.1 is a massive update to Oovium. In some ways, this is an entirely new app. 1.1 includes most of Oovium's planned Bricklin aspect, which can be described as an object oriented spreadsheet.

MULTIPLE AETHERS - Now multiple aethers can be created and stored. Use the Aether HUD to quickly create, delete (with a swipe) and move between your aethers. From the Aether Info hover you can rename your aether, add comments to it and even include the Mechs from other aethers. Which brings us to...

MECHS - Oovium now allows users to define their own functions. Create a new Mech, specify the input parameters and define its algorithm. The custom Mechs can now be referenced by clicking them directly or by clicking them from the new CUS tab. Aether libraries of Mechs can be created and included in other aethers.

GRIDS - The spreadsheet reinvented. Plop down Grid bubbles on your aether with input columns and calculated columns. No more need for silly copy and paste of formulas from cell to cell. Users can also add footers with SUM or AVERAGE values. All cells can be referenced from Object bubbles and visa versa.

What's New 1.0.3
IMPORTANT! A major change of this version is that Bubble creation has been SWITCHED FROM SINGLE TAP TO DOUBLE TAP. This change was necessitated because, previously, it was way too easy to accidently create new bubbles. This was especially annoying on the iPad. Speaking from personal experience this change will cause some consternation initially, but after a few days that will go away and you'll be left with an improved interface experience.

1.0.3 is a preliminary update that will soon be followed by the major 1.1 update. It includes a number of new features including:

New Anchoring Gestures - Two new anchoring gestures have been added: anchor+tap which brings up a context menu and anchor+drag which creates a multi-select lasso. (See the anchoring section in the help menu for more information)

Function and Function Data Type - A new Summation function has been added to the mis page. This takes 3 parameters: initial value, final value and the function to be iterated. There is also a new Function data type. A Function type is defined by embedding a function between brackets. Together these functions can be used as such: ∑(1,9,[k]) = 45 (The iterator variable is k, to avoid confusion with i)

Always On Link Doodles - Link doodles will now always be displayed, not only when a Bubble is being edited.

Support for Fast App Switching.

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