Quick List of Non-Obvious Tips

Quick List of Non-Obvious Tips

Postby joe » Tue Aug 30, 2011 9:36 pm

Create Image:
In order to save an image of an aether to your photo album hit:
menu (red dot) / aether / album
An image should show up in your photos.

Swapping Between Inputs / Outputs:
By default when you are editing the links of a bubble, new links will be created as 'input' links. However, you can tap the word 'outputs' in order swap to output mode.

Removing Links:
You can remove links be retapping the linked bubble (while in the corresponding input / output mode). Alternatively, you can right swipe on the tile in the editor hover.

Copy / Paste:
I have added a basic form of copy / paste into Mind Mapper. Conceptually, it is somewhat experimental because there are actually a number of complexities that arise. When selecting multiple bubbles one of the options in the context menu will be 'copy'. Clicking this will place the bubbles (minus any links) into the copy buffer. After this, anchoring and then double tapping on blank aether space (Anchor+double tap:aether) will paste a copy of the bubbles at that location.

A few settings can be changed from the settings app. Auto Scroll will automatically center a bubble given focus. Scroll Indicators will add scroll indicators to the aether which will illustrate the screens current position on the aether. Screen Burn will add or remove the oovium design to the background. Hard Core will remove the text from buttons.

Removing Aethers:
Entire Aethers can be removed by right swiping on the aether tile on the aether list hover.

Hitting OK when editing a bubble note on the iPhone:
The OK button is covered by the keyboard when editing a bubble note. On the iPad it is always possible to dismiss the keyboard to re-expose the OK button. However, re-tapping a bubble is the equivalent of hitting the OK button (on either iPhone or iPad)

Aether's stored to dropbox (or iTunes file area) can be emailed and opened directly from mail with Oovium.
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