Oovium Update June 2014

Oovium Update June 2014

Postby joe » Tue Jun 10, 2014 6:07 pm

After a year of building resources in San Francisco, I am returning to Oovium full time!

However, this is not exactly true. In the interest of the long term health of Oovium it is essential that I achieve minimum viability. I seem to lack the marketing and business know how to achieve this with Oovium alone. So, I will be working on an ancillary project in the near term in the hopes of achieving that minimum viability.

That project will be a game (based on a previous Java experiment) called Evolizer. Oovium will be embedded within Evolizer.

The first step of this new project will be a ground up rewrite of Oovium itself, making use of all the new language constructs and SDK features released since 2009 when Oovium began and also integrating everything I learned in San Francisco over the last year. I am hoping this will result quickly in a new release of Oovium in which I'll also try resolve some long standing quirks and bugs that have been annoying me. However, generally, there will be no functional additions to this version.

After this I will begin working on Evolizer fulltime. In the context of Evolizer, I will be adding features to Oovium as needed by Evolizer. When the time comes to release Evolizer, I will likely also release a new version of Oovium containing all of these new features.

My time frame for this is severely ambitious and probably unrealistic, but about a month for Oovium rewrite and 3 more months for Evolizer.

I am hoping that I am able to create a compelling, beautiful and enlightening game with Evolizer and that through Evolizer I am able to handle my meagre expenses which will allow me great flexibility in continuing my work on Oovium.

I'm also hoping that Evolizer increases user engagement with Oovium itself. It has always been difficult to work on Oovium in a vacuum. It will be highly beneficial to have more users yelling at me for new features and bug fixes.

Thanks for continuing to care about Oovium and for your patience over the last year.

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