Announcing AepCalc 2.0 for OS X

Announcing AepCalc 2.0 for OS X

Postby joe » Mon Feb 04, 2013 7:29 pm

After an absurd 3 month journey through the Mac App Store approval process AepCalc 2.0 for OS X has arrived.

AepCalc 2.0 for OS X is based on the 15 year old AepCalc 1.2 for Windows.

It is an RPN calculator designed to be quickly accessed and used with other applications.

However, Apple has thrown a major wrench in the "quickly accessed" part. The original AepCalc for Windows optionally placed an icon in the tray that allowed the calculator to be popped up whenever needed. I placed a similar icon on the the menu bar for mac. The Apple reviewer that happened to get assigned AepCalc, however, took great offense to this and although refusing to answer any questions, respond to any comments or giving me any feedback what-so-ever, simply refused to approve the app until I removed the icon from the menu bar entirely.

I have never had an app or update rejected for any reason before and the entire process was extremely Kafka'esk and frustrating. I have no idea why Apple thinks it's a good idea to have App Store reviewers be quibbling about design consideration of apps being submitted to the store and I believe AepCalc suffers functionally not having the menu bar icon.

However, I will attempt to rectify the situation eventually and return AepCalc to it's full potential. (I certainly will be using the original build on my own computer.) I strongly suspect this entire 3 month fiasco was caused simply because I unfortunately, got the wrong reviewer.
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