Oovium Update - November 2012

Oovium Update - November 2012

Postby joe » Fri Nov 23, 2012 4:18 pm

So, what may or may not have been obvious, Oovium has had a recent slow down in functional additions. Partially, this is because I have been focusing on the elimination of crashing bugs.

On that front, I believe I am very close to eliminating crashes from Oovium entirely. The crash rate with has dropped significantly and is by far the most stable version since I started tracking crash data. Oovium appears to have only 2 (known) crashing problems left. One, I have already fixed in development, but is quite rare and so, I'm not in a huge hurry to roll out the fix. The other is related to user Nick's crash report and effects users of 2nd gen devices running iOS 4.3. I'm not sure how many Oovium users fall into that category and that bug maybe a bit tricky to fix, however, its a severe problem for those users and entirely kills Oovium for them. So, I haven't decided whether to rush out a version yet, but if anyone has any comment, please let me know.

Beyond that while I was waiting for and to get approved I decided to experiment with converting my old windows RPN calculator to Mac OS X. The result of this is that one, AepCalc 2.0 is currently in the queue for approval to the Mac App Store and two, I have learned a bunch about Mac app development. So, my current plan is to apply my new found knowledge into converting Oovium to the Mac, which I don't anticipate taking too long.

At any rate, once this concludes, I'll be all primed to recommence functional additions.
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